Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lychee is the new Honeycrisp

*Lychee are amazing! Refreshing, sweet but not too sweet, juicy, and have an entertaining (gummi bear-esque) texture. I think there is a tree down in the fields where we work, but I have yet to find it. They just show up on the communal fruit table, which is situated right in front of the Tropical Fruits of Hawaii poster. Perfect for playing the, "What am I eating?" game.

New, Handpicked, Homemade and/or Delicious Foods:
Taro (In chip form)
Liliquoi (Passion fruit)
Purple Sweet Potatoes
*Poja berry jam
Jaboticaba (tastes like a lychee's tart cousin)

*Dear Whole Foods, please get these items from Hawaii and stock them at the Bowery Location.

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