Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kava and the Moon

You really need a car to go on adventures around here. Friday evening, a bunch of people went into Kona to go to the Kanaka Kava bar (below) and a party, so I took the opportunity to get off the farm (in Honoka'a), threw my sleeping bag and sweatshirt in my backpack and hopped in a truck. The plan was to camp on the beach since the people we went with were not coming back until Saturday.

Hanging out at a Kava bar is an interesting experience. They don't serve alcohol and most people that I've met around here don't drink. You just drink Kava. Kava is a traditional Hawiian drink that used to be reserved for special ceremonies. The Kava man, or person serving the Kava, serves the Kava in coconut shells. Everyone being served drinks the first shell together. I forget why :) It tastes like a cold tea sort of drink that has a relaxing effect. The Kava plants that we grow here at the farm are made into the drink Kava and served at Kanaka Kava bar. So are purple sweet potatoes, which were delicious. (Thank you butter, thank you salt)

After the Kava bar closed, Zach (the owner of the farm and Kava bar) drove a few of us out to a small beach called 69s (named after it's mile marker). We grabbed our backpacks and water and quietly slipped out onto the beach to set up camp.

The beach was significantly warmer than Kona was, even though it was very close. Warm enough to stand in the water and watch the sky without getting chilled. I watched the stars, thick clouds and almost full moon for about an hour before I decided to burrow into the sand and call it a night.

I missed the sunrise in the AM, but enjoyed a morning swim in totally calm water when I did wake up.

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