Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Pet the Sweaty Stuff

TSA guy: There a laptop in here? Gonna have to rescan it
Me: Oh yeah, sorry
Lady in front of me: You must not travel much, huh?

So, just because I left my laptop in my backpack instead of putting it in that tray means I don’t travel much? You think you got something on me, Lady?

Me: No, its just that I’ve been home for awhile and haven’t used it. Kind of forgot it was in there.

Wait, why am I explaining myself to this stranger? I got totally defensive (though not unpleasant, god forbid) with this lady over a pretty trivial oversight that I turned into her passing judgment on me (and who the hell is she anyway? Wide assed, paisley Capri pants wearing, Vera Bradley toting, suburban mom, to call me uncultured? Oh wait, she didn’t). Get a grip, self. Here is to a vacation from judgments ☺

That's going to be hard with such great people watching in Pittsburgh ;)

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