Friday, August 26, 2011

Bedroom makeover

Our bedroom was light blue. Light blue is not my color of choice. Zach and I tried taking the lazy way out and painting darker blue accents when we first moved in, but did a sloppy job and wound up with messy edges. So for the past year and a half our room was light blue with some splotchy dark blue. Our bedroom suffered from an identity crisis.

Bedroom before

Mid chaos, pre painting
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was shopping for gray paint and posted some pics with awesome neon/bright accent colors. Hellooo inspiration! If I were the only one living here, the decision would be easy, gray and HOT PINK, but I'm not, so back to the drawing board. We picked the darkest gray (left), called Anonymous. From there, choosing a white and an accent color was relatively easy. Pick the color with the coolest name. We went with White Fur for our white.

Even the paint lady at Home Depot raised a brow, "Mmhmmm... you gonna put some mirrors on the ceiling too with dem colors? Anonymous and White Fur. Hmph."

So with Anonymous and White Fur on the walls, we decided on a bright orange accent color for the mirror. Inspiration? You mean other than the 'Cuse orange blood that flows brightly through our veins? (I'm not going to apologize for my college nostalgia/can we please go back? devotion) It was Grandma Florence's weird orange triangle pillow. And with a name like Rumbly Tumbly, choosing an orange was a piece of cake. 

The mirror used to be a dark faux wood. Attractive, but starting to peel in the corner. I grabbed the corner and pulled a giant strip off. Easy enough. No turning back now. Turns out that was the only easy edge. Stripping the rest of the wood and adhesive off was a real pain in the ass.  

Stripping this thing was way easier in theory.
Spent two days with that knife and mirror.
We also hung the chandelier that we made a few years ago, but had not figured out how to hang until now. I went to town with the hammer drill. Timidly and unsuccessfully the first time. Then got a bad ass cement bit, channeled Lara Croft, and blasted my way into the ceiling. Exaggerating? Maybe a little. But I did it. I'm especially proud of our cord covers, a detail that I would usually skip over, but that makes our electrical job look so professional!

I love cord covers!
And upgraded from makeshift crate nighstands to real nightstands found on Craig's list. $50 for the pair!

Harriet exploring

Orange mirror post facelift

The bizarre little pillow that brings it all

I love our new room :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Zach and I went out last week to celebrate his bday at M. Wells, the much raved about fancy food, casual 'tude diner car out in Long Island City, which is closing at the end of this month. They used to take reservations, but have stopped since announcing their closing. This means they honor reservations that had already been made and take a few walk ins, while the rest of us line up around the block for one of those few spots available in the already teensy restaurant. We arrived a few minutes before 6 to take our place in a line about twenty people deep. At 6:30 a server came out to address the line saying how flattered they were that everyone wants to give them their money business and eat their food, but that not everyone would be able to eat at M.Wells tonight and that our next shot was in two and a half hours. He also invited us to make a reservation for their farewell dinners, which are prix fixe $200 a pop. F that. We decided to wait. Waiting is not typical Zach and Stina move (I'm talkin to you, Meatball Shop), but the menu looked awesome, people have been raving, we were already in Queens and it was a now or never situation. They're closing next week.

So we waited outside while the sun set over Manhattan and chatted it up with some neighbor people who were also waiting. After an hour or so, the first seating started leaving, flashing thumbs up and toting doggie bags, "It's so worth it," they'd say. Exciting! I was going to get to eat delicious things! I delayed cocktail hour for as long as possible, knowing we were in for the long haul, but after the sun set, there was little else to do, so we sucked in our bellies and snuggled into the "bar" aka standing room only by the service bar. I had a mojito + red wine cocktail and Zach had a boozy egg white milkshake concoction. Both delicious. We steered clear of the two part cocktail that involved taking a shot of raw egg yolk, hot sauce and caviar, but thoroughly enjoyed watching others choke it down. Looked way cooler on the menu than it does in person, eh? The wait started getting tough somewhere after 8:30, as beautiful smelling shrimp stuffed chickens continued to bob past. I was trying not to shoot death looks at the hostess, knowing that I would be the one to loose that game. Around 9 she took pity on us and sent over some cold smoked mussels, which may have been the highlight of the meal that we would sit down to shortly thereafter. They were tender, smoky, salty and buttery. But also, they were food and I was RAVENOUS.

When we finally ate, we wanted to eat everything. Instead, we went splitzies on everything. We had the herring smoked caeser salad, piled high with snowy parmesean cheese, the insanely rich escargot buried in bone marrow, beef tartare and a lobster roll. We topped it all off with a decadent maple pie. While it was quite a bizarre combination of foods and included a few that I had never had before, it was my favorite kind of meal. Delicious food that makes you shut the hell up and enjoy the bite in your mouth.

3 hours we waited. It sounds awful, but it wasn't. I'd never seen a reason to wait three hours before, but am glad I did it for M. Wells.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm going shopping for gray paint today. It sounds so boring when I say it like that. But, I found a bunch of GREAT gray bedrooms on Design Sponge. I just hope our room isn't too dark. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Photo credit to Ms. Jamie Shea
Just got back from an awesome trip to Rochester. "Why Rochester?" you ask? Because my friends are there. And the best part of being friends with someone is hanging out together. I'm super lucky that so many of my friends from 'Cuse live in NYC. But there are a few that don't. And that calls for visits. 

Hangin. Porch style.

In college, there is a kind of hanging out that you can't recapture. You live with your friends in a big house (for better or worse), pick out outfits together, make dinner together (when someone has money for groceries), play games together, hit the bars together. In the morning, you roll over, bellow someone's name (whoever you feel most like hanging out with the moment you wake up) and then watch 5 episodes of some terrible reality TV show until someone has a better idea. Like going to Wegman's. Or playing outside. Both genius ideas. 

Going to the pool: excellent idea 
When you leave college, everyone goes their separate ways, gets jobs and apartments and is on different schedules. Grad school, night shifts, entertaining clients, whatever. (Shout out to my friends: Good job on being contributing members of society!). As a result, no more laying on the floor first thing in the morning and watching TV with your friends while still in PJs. Except when you do friend visits. 

Making dinner with friends is way better 5 years out of college.
More money + Skilled cooks = Deliciousness 
Before this trip, I had only been to Rochester in February. Winter fun is very different from Summer fun. Mostly because you can walk outside without the risk of slipping on ice and busting your face. I had heard of the good times to be had at Park Ave Fest, which happens every August, but never been until this trip. Park Ave Fest is a magnet. It draws people from all over for live music, neighborhood lawn parties, handmade leather fanny packs, funky jewelry, kettle corn, you name it, they sell it. 

Delicious restaurant where Leslie works

Midday Rose at Cibon

Need some barn art? Yeah, me neither.
Provides a great background for a picture though!

80's cover band. Perfect way to cap off a great day.  
I had a blast. Thanks Dods, Pearson, Leslie & Jamie for putting me up all week and Jana for making that insanely long trek from Maine. 

Visit your friends. It's lots of fun :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Saturday

Weekends in the summer RULE!
I had a marvelous string of New York-y activities this weekend:
Bohemian beer garden in Astoria --> PS1 Warm Up --> Joyride through the city --> Long Beach --> Bike ride in Central Park --> Lykki Li concert @ Summer Stage

Dear Bohemian Beer Garden,
Your rule sucks.

Told ya I didn't like that rule. 

Stalking friends who dress alike. New favorite past time. 

Sunny day :D


Young Architect's Program fixed the shade problem w/
trees in the hay maze.

Prom pics!

Great outfit watching

Vockah Redu @ PS1

toes don't often see
the city from the window
zip by at sunset

playtime with perspectives