Friday, August 26, 2011

Bedroom makeover

Our bedroom was light blue. Light blue is not my color of choice. Zach and I tried taking the lazy way out and painting darker blue accents when we first moved in, but did a sloppy job and wound up with messy edges. So for the past year and a half our room was light blue with some splotchy dark blue. Our bedroom suffered from an identity crisis.

Bedroom before

Mid chaos, pre painting
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was shopping for gray paint and posted some pics with awesome neon/bright accent colors. Hellooo inspiration! If I were the only one living here, the decision would be easy, gray and HOT PINK, but I'm not, so back to the drawing board. We picked the darkest gray (left), called Anonymous. From there, choosing a white and an accent color was relatively easy. Pick the color with the coolest name. We went with White Fur for our white.

Even the paint lady at Home Depot raised a brow, "Mmhmmm... you gonna put some mirrors on the ceiling too with dem colors? Anonymous and White Fur. Hmph."

So with Anonymous and White Fur on the walls, we decided on a bright orange accent color for the mirror. Inspiration? You mean other than the 'Cuse orange blood that flows brightly through our veins? (I'm not going to apologize for my college nostalgia/can we please go back? devotion) It was Grandma Florence's weird orange triangle pillow. And with a name like Rumbly Tumbly, choosing an orange was a piece of cake. 

The mirror used to be a dark faux wood. Attractive, but starting to peel in the corner. I grabbed the corner and pulled a giant strip off. Easy enough. No turning back now. Turns out that was the only easy edge. Stripping the rest of the wood and adhesive off was a real pain in the ass.  

Stripping this thing was way easier in theory.
Spent two days with that knife and mirror.
We also hung the chandelier that we made a few years ago, but had not figured out how to hang until now. I went to town with the hammer drill. Timidly and unsuccessfully the first time. Then got a bad ass cement bit, channeled Lara Croft, and blasted my way into the ceiling. Exaggerating? Maybe a little. But I did it. I'm especially proud of our cord covers, a detail that I would usually skip over, but that makes our electrical job look so professional!

I love cord covers!
And upgraded from makeshift crate nighstands to real nightstands found on Craig's list. $50 for the pair!

Harriet exploring

Orange mirror post facelift

The bizarre little pillow that brings it all

I love our new room :)

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