Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Photo credit to Ms. Jamie Shea
Just got back from an awesome trip to Rochester. "Why Rochester?" you ask? Because my friends are there. And the best part of being friends with someone is hanging out together. I'm super lucky that so many of my friends from 'Cuse live in NYC. But there are a few that don't. And that calls for visits. 

Hangin. Porch style.

In college, there is a kind of hanging out that you can't recapture. You live with your friends in a big house (for better or worse), pick out outfits together, make dinner together (when someone has money for groceries), play games together, hit the bars together. In the morning, you roll over, bellow someone's name (whoever you feel most like hanging out with the moment you wake up) and then watch 5 episodes of some terrible reality TV show until someone has a better idea. Like going to Wegman's. Or playing outside. Both genius ideas. 

Going to the pool: excellent idea 
When you leave college, everyone goes their separate ways, gets jobs and apartments and is on different schedules. Grad school, night shifts, entertaining clients, whatever. (Shout out to my friends: Good job on being contributing members of society!). As a result, no more laying on the floor first thing in the morning and watching TV with your friends while still in PJs. Except when you do friend visits. 

Making dinner with friends is way better 5 years out of college.
More money + Skilled cooks = Deliciousness 
Before this trip, I had only been to Rochester in February. Winter fun is very different from Summer fun. Mostly because you can walk outside without the risk of slipping on ice and busting your face. I had heard of the good times to be had at Park Ave Fest, which happens every August, but never been until this trip. Park Ave Fest is a magnet. It draws people from all over for live music, neighborhood lawn parties, handmade leather fanny packs, funky jewelry, kettle corn, you name it, they sell it. 

Delicious restaurant where Leslie works

Midday Rose at Cibon

Need some barn art? Yeah, me neither.
Provides a great background for a picture though!

80's cover band. Perfect way to cap off a great day.  
I had a blast. Thanks Dods, Pearson, Leslie & Jamie for putting me up all week and Jana for making that insanely long trek from Maine. 

Visit your friends. It's lots of fun :D

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