Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cape

My fourth was a fabulous Cape Cod weekend sandwiched between two insane days of traffic up and down I-95. I went with my 'Cuse girls plus Diana, a Cali grown addition to our clan, and stayed at Melissa's parent's house. We spent the days (80s and sunny) at Sandy Neck Beach and relished the best of the best in hospitality in the mornings and evenings. Martha, Melissa's mom used us as guinea pigs for a few new recipes, but with her skills in the kitchen, there was very little room for error.

A few mealtime highlights were: delicious chopped salad w/ bacon, avacado and corn, homemade pulled pork, portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach, cheese and cherry tomatos, and baked cheesy artichoke dip. Our send off brunch on Monday morning was so picture perfect, I couldn't resist snapping a pic to preserve it forever. (Egg Nests!)

(Mealtime low: Tuna sandwich from Friendly's on the way home. Shame on me. I should have known better.)

We were welcomed to the Cape by Melissa's friends at a house party on Friday night, where we played some pretty cut throat games of Cornhole (aka that bean bag game) and Beer Pong. After a 7 hour car ride, we needed some back yard fun. Saturday morning, we got to the beach at 9:30 to secure a parking spot, which turned out to be no problem at all. 9:30-4 sun, sand, bud light, waves, hot dogs, boat rides from strangers, naps and lots of sunscreen. Doesn't get much better than that. Since our spot was about a mile out, we hitched rides there and back. In the am, Melissa's friend Mahoney came and picked us up (thank you!), but we were not so lucky on the way back. We hitched a ride in a pick up truck, only to be pulled over and slammed with a ticket for riding on the rails of the truck. Buzz kill, Ranger Rick. $50 later, we were in the parking lot, dusting off sand and ready for showers. And by showers, I mean refreshing cocktails and delicious appetizers waiting for us at home.

Sunday was highlighted by a visit from our friend Diozzi. Prior to Diozzi's arrival, we were not getting out on to Sandy Neck Beach. The lot was full and the chickadee with the walkie talkie was not going to let us through. We found ourselves hanging out in a parking lot, frustrated by the thought of traffic and other full lots along the island, researching other beach options via iPhone. And then Diozzi arrived. Like a breath of fresh air, he picked up our moods, led us back to Sandy Neck, sweet talked through the parking lot attendants like it was nothing at all, and just like that, we were in. We thanked him by letting him carry the cooler for a mile. Thanks DOZ!

Sunday pm was our annual BBQ at the Kenney's. Joey whipped up a marvelous peach, goat cheese, tomato salad and Lynch debuted his new and improved blue cheese burgers (little blue cheese pockets inside, mmm!) All in all, a phenomenal weekend of sun, food and libations, but now it's time to dry out and shake out the sand.

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  1. thanks for the play by play! I feel like i was there xoxoxox