Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tasting Tunes

Cruella with Snookie and Kenny Powers
after the show.

Cloud Cult, who performed at Le Poisson Rouge on Halloween, sneak attacked me with a fantastic live show that I didn't see coming. I knew I liked their music, did not expect their show to be so fun. Creative. Buzzing with friendly energy and talent.

I love bands with horns and/or strings and where girls and dudes are equal forces in the band. This band has all of the above. They also have two artists who paint on stage during the show, which was so much fun to watch. 

Bonus points for having a trombone in the band.

For awhile (highschool and much of college), I didn't like girls in bands. I never thought they were as good as the boys. Maybe this was me rebelling against the uberfeminism preached at St. Paul's, the all girls high school I went to (and lord knows I was going to do just the opposite of what I was told there). I also listened to a lot of jam bands and electronic music and the female musicians were not as good as the dudes, or just weren't present. I was listening to The Doors, Grateful Dead, Steve Miller Band, Dave, Pearl Jam and going to festivals to see  Phish, moe., The Disco Biscuits, and Brother's past. I liked Tina Weymouth and Stevie Nicks and thats about it. But, there has been a resurgence either in female musicians who can rock out with their band, or my taste. Whether it's Karen O and her awesome vocals/wild style stage presence, or Grace Potter on the piano or guitar, or the chicks in Ra Ra Riot rocking their strings, I'm loving the contribution that these funky ladies are making to my ears and the world.

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