Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heebie Jeebies on my tounge

The first time I can remember cringing at my plate was when I lived in Rogers Forge circa 1995 with the Anderson Clan and mom made blue cheese turkey burgers. These days that sounds delectable, but when I was 11, their potent stank filled the house like an omen that dinner was going to be vile. Clare and I first protested, then choked down our dinner, rinsing with milk after every bite. 

I don't often cringe at my plate. I have a very hard time listing foods that I don't like. I would assume gefilte fish and liver are both on my list, though I haven't actually tried either one. I don't like sauerkraut, nor salmon sushi. But I think that is about it. 

After watching Food,  Inc and listening to my sister, Clare, tell me whats she is learning about food/chemicals/nutritional content as a personal trainer, I have become more and more creeped out by food (where I used to not think twice). I first started taking notice of these foods while I lived in Mott Haven in the BX and shopped at Western Beef (or that one time we went to C-Town on 143rd street where it smelled like poop in the milk aisle). I think what did it was the shopping cart full of vienna sausages (and I mean, vienna sausages were the only thing in this cart and it was full to the top). 

Here are some of my favorite creepy food products.These can be broken down into the following categories: unnecessary gluttony, what chemical makes that possible/wierd processed foods and it's a cultural thing. Not sure cart full of vienna sausages is a cultural thing though.

Dunkin' Donuts, shame on you. Unnecessarily gluttonous, but I'm also curious...


Why? Why is there a food company called Bimbo? and why prepackaged toast?

No bread. Sub fried chicken. Side of heart attack.

Spam sushi. WILDLY POPULAR in Hawaii.
Call me narrow minded, but I just couldn't do it.

This is andouillette that I ordered in Paris. NOT the same as andouille sausage. This is tripe sausage, which Wikipedia admits, "As with all tripe sausages, andouillettes are an acquired taste. Their strong smell can be reminiscent of feces..." TRUE.


  1. spam musubi!! or however you spell it... had it many a night in college thanks to my homegrown hawaiian roommate caycie. she doesn't believe me that i actually liked it because i didn't ask for seconds ever. the first one filled me up, that was all!
    actually pretty yummy tho i won't lie.

  2. no you didnt! ha! part of me was curious, but i just couldn't do it. maybe for fear that would happen.