Monday, November 15, 2010


Went to dinner with Zach, Pat and Lydia at Sorella last night. I'd never heard of it, but apparently I should have and so should you because it is quite a tasting adventure.

Confession: As much as I love wine, I am not as fluent as I'd like to be in Italian wine and often fumble with an exclusively Italian wine list. 

The list at Sorella was just that and went on for pages. Luckily, I found a little section of wines from the Sud Tyrol, the region where my cousin, Alyse, and her family are currently living. In that section was a bottle of Muller Thurgau, a varietal that my sister introduced me to after bringing a bottle home from her semester in Austria. While I won't do a full on Gary Vaynerchuck style tasting, I will say that it was crisp and zingy and a perfect balance to rich food. I love that my Clare and Alyse swooped in and provided me with an easy solution to the wine list conundrum without knowing it :)

I had the best lentil soup of my life last night. What an unsuspecting thing to be the winner of the first course, right? It was Zach's soup, so he got the credit. The soup itself had a rich, deep flavor without being heavy or creamy. Then it was topped with apples and bacon. Can't go wrong with apples and bacon. 

Dinner was delish. Oxtail risotto with plums and sage. But dessert was really where its at. The salted caramel gelato, WHOO CHILD! Amazing. The salty sweet thang was done well. And the Bananimal (banana gelato with caramel covered animal crackers), while not as delicious, was just plain fun to eat. 

Gelato list at Sorella
Would I go back? Probably not. It was pricey and there are just too many awesome restaurants to try. A fantastic dining experience none the less. Big shout out to Pat and Lydia for making a great weekend of indulgent food and libations possible. Thank you!

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