Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diggin' Denver

I spent Thanksgiving in Denver with my sis and parents. Twas a pretty big deal because she moved out there to set up camp this summer and this was my first time visiting. It's cool to see how she is picking and choosing what her life is going to be in a totally new town. On Thanksgiving, we hit the climbing gym before putting the bird in the oven, which was an energizing and uplifting way to spend the morning (knowing that the tryptophan coma was on the  horizon).

We romped around Red Rocks, enjoyed the sun, sky and watching other people run the stairs of the ampitheater. 

Christmas Card Spoiler Alert

Sister shadows

Finally taller than Clare!

Sticks n' stuff
After Red Rocks, we headed to Golden, Co. and attempted to go on a tour of the Coors factory. Brewery and Factory tours are an Anderson Family traditional way of breaking up long car rides. A few of the most memorable ones (in chronological order):
  • Leinenkugel en route to Minnesota to visit grandparents
  • Herr's Potato Chips on the way to visit grandma Florence in Delaware (generous with the samples!)
  • Pretzel Factory in Lancaster, PA after outlet shopping
  • Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes region of NY while on College Visits
  • Magic Hat and/or Long Trail on the way to Craftsbury aka Family Rowing Camp
  • Yuengling on/out of the way to 'Cuse
  • Black Ankle Vineyard post outlet shopping in Hagerstown, MD (tastings not free)
*It is important to note that Clare and I were mere spectators and students at Breweries and Vineyards until we were 21, so the thrill of being able to participate on the free tasting portion of the tour has not yet worn off. 
Wynkoop Brewery
Ridiculously enough, the Coors factory was closed the day after Thanksgiving. What the ?! Closed Labor Day, Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday and Christmas. Bullshit if you ask me. Instead, we headed to the Wynkoop Brewery, which was more of a tap room than brewery, but did the trick. 

Clare and Ma

Great sign and tin ceiling. Western Slope Cider and
Railyard Ale both really good. 
 After Wynkoop, we took a quick trip to Savory Spice Shop, which was a huge highlight. I don't know that I've ever been to a spice shop other than the one in Colonial Williamsburg. Yeah, thats right, Colonial Williamsburg. We lived for that place. I went in knowing that I was going to get their Maple Pepper spice blend that my dad had used the night before in an apple chutney atop pork chops. Damnit, thats what I should've made tonight. I tried sniffing the spices, but that didn't work. You have to taste. The thing is, I was tasting in the curry section and sent my tongue into tingly overload. I ended up getting the Berbere Ethiopian Seasoning (hot! hot! hot!), and mulling spices in addition to the Maple Pepper heaven.

tongues beware

After my 4 day tour, I think Denver rules. It's a city, but super close to BIG nature. It is littered with funky little spots and a cool people. Really glad Clare found a home sweet home. 

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