Monday, November 15, 2010


The initial plan for Saturday morning was to attempt Clinton Street Baking Company and finally try those much hyped pancakes. When I tried to rouse Zach around 8:30, he growled and rolled over, indicating that that plan had been scrapped. He wanted something low key, w/ no wait, and I wanted to try a new spot and eat really good food.

Down Freeman Alley, past the barber shop, nestled amongst shrubs that smell like Grandma Florence's house is where you'll find Freeman's. We got there right when it opened, were seated and ordered our Bloody Marys quickly. Good thing because it was packed when we left.

The Review:
The ambiance was great. Felt quite similar to the Avett Brothers show. Folksy cool. Mustache wax. Filament bulbs. Burlap wall coverings. Antlers. Stuffed birds behind bottles of whiskey. The food was delicious. I had poached eggs, herb roasted tomatoes, cheesy grits (amazing) and sourdough toast. Way better, thick cut bacon than any I can remember. The service was hands off and wonderful. I left super satisfied and doing a mental check of my calendar, trying to figure out when I can go back for dinner. 

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