Saturday, October 23, 2010

a blessing in disguise

I've been sick for a whole week. This jar of honey was unopened as of Monday. I figured that's a better visual than the pile of tissues. As frustrating as it is to just sit around feeling like garbage, being sick has not been all bad. It has forced me to not be on the go. The daily work, gym, errands, groceries blah di dah was put on pause for a minute. I watched some movies, did some reading and finally started working on some of the things I needed to get done to start my line of jewelry. The line is called Sunlit Projects and it was born this week. I went to work on Thursday and hit up Metaliferous (my local metalsmithing emporium) afterward for my torch, acid bath, calibrator, and hammers so I could get my studio set up.

Turns out that work + errands was overdoing it and I landed back in bed on Friday. But, after sleeping for the better part of two days, I finally attacked my pile of new gizmos. Today I got to work on some rings for Clare's friend Rachel, who asked for chunky silver rings. She asked for one with a lion on it, which I am doing by setting a silver button in a bezel setting.  

Oxidized metal looks neato!

It's not quite finished and I'm still sick, but today was a good one none the less.


  1. you're cool. i'm impressed at the endeavor and at the fact that you have space to make a studio! totally awesome. feel better!

  2. Is this 'lysie? Thanks a bunch and I am feeling better!