Monday, October 18, 2010

fall foilage

It was now or never if we wanted to do some VT leaf peeping, so we chose now. Rain tried to mess with our plans, but our spirits were running high on Getaway Weekend Adrenaline. Zach and I stayed with our friend Eric, at his parent's house, which was great because we got some TLC from mom (home made mac n' chz and delicious squash soup) and the boys got to build stuff and play with power tools.

"Can't talk, building a fire pit."

The finished product

It got pretty silly when we decided to forgo the hike and head to the kitschy autumn wonderland instead. After placing our order for doughnuts and cider and equipping ourselves with an Oktoberfest, we set off in the corn maze. I think it was supposed to be haunted, but during the day it was more like a field with a bunch of junk in it. In an attempt to get lost in the maze, I kept veering off from our group, but inevitably would up with another group. This looked more like trailing creepily behind a family than actually joining another group.

There's a bar here?! What a pleasant surprise.

"Make a scared face"

Toasty nuggets of heaven. I had 4 in 48 hours.

Apres le maze du maize, we headed to Ariel's parent's house for some Apples to Apples, blue cheese burgers (shout out to Steve Lynch!) and cosmic bowling. $3.50 per person per game (about $14 per half hour) with free shoe rentals. As opposed to Brooklyn Bowl's $25 per half hour, $3 shoe rentals. Eat it NYC!
Dinner Team! Blue cheese burgers and roasted veggies with rosemary and chili infused olive oil. MMMmm
The highlight of the weekend though, was probably Sunday morning. "Mom, Stina wants to shoot guns, so that's probably going to happen."-Eric

And happen it did.

We shot a rifle and a shotgun. The shotgun was way more fun. And I actually hit the target with it.*

*Correction, obliterated the target

8: 40 (or 1:5) isn't a terrible traveling time to play time ratio for a weekend out of the city. Especially for a weekend that was chock full of delicious, local, seasonal food and activities. So, thanks Eric and Ariel for making our wknd a RGT.

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