Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sometimes I wonder

Living in NYC, I've gotten used to living with TONS of people. Because there are so many people and such little private space, I think we get used to living more publicly than people who don't live here.

Take sleeping, for example. It is wierd to watch people sleep. You kind of give up control of what you look like when you go to sleep. Mouth open. Head bobbing. Possibly drooling. Yet, it is totally normal to catch a quick nap on the subway and let 50 people watch you possibly drool. Less normal to nap in a bar at a concert.

I've developed an interest in people's garbage since it is sitting right there on the street. Not a let me tape together your ripped up bank statements kind of interest, but more a huh thats a wierd thing to throw away on the street. I wonder what kind of person did that kind of interest

Is this litter?

Shameless dumpster diving

Those definitely don't work anymore.

Do you really <3 your pet? Because I'm pretty sure you were just caught throwing your pet away.

I don't even know what to say. Except that I was really tempted. 

But really, my favorite part of this whole lots of people living together thing is that sometimes we need to stop for a little singing and dancing with strangers. 

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  1. OK i LOVED this post...that dancing was awesome! thanks for sharing!!!!!