Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Just the tip from the Williamsburg Bridge
So fall is almost over. That's depressing. My posts have throughout this delightful season have been sparse, as there was some sort of cold war going on between my computer and the wireless network in my apartment. After giving my computer a lobotomy (aka reformatting it), we are back in working order and getting along swimmingly.

That being said, life has been exactly the way life is. Sometimes looking down from the top, sometimes looking up from the bottom (certainly how it feels on the train at 6 am), but usually somewhere in between.

Here I present a few things that have made life fun recently:
1. This amazing sparkle pedicure.

2. This garbage can, which reminds me of my friend Diana, who finds and snaps pics of the happiest little messages scribbled around our city.

3. My silly ray of sunshine Coteacher. Morrison and I are like peas and carrots in Room 425, coteaching the bejesus out of those young minds. And having a blast at it. Last week we sung a conversation about lining up for lunch. They don't even know what hit them.

4. Adventures. Maureen was up this weekend. We explored Grand Central Station and found a miniature door that led to the roof, where we could look down on people inside the main hall. Baller.

5. An unsuspecting Friday night turned rip roaring good time with girls from SPSG at the NYC Alumnae Reunion at the Campbell Apartment. Nothing like having a manhattan and some crab cakes with your high school classmates AND algebra teacher (Mrs. Day not pictured ;)

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