Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"What I'm Thankful for"

There have been so many times this year that I have wanted to post either pictures of my kids or their work, but I have restrained myself. I get it. Other people's kids + the internet = recipe for disaster.

However, I am going to post excerpts from their "What I'm Thankful For" essays, which was an essay competition put on by the Senate Office. Why? Because they are my students and we all worked hard on these. Why else? Because they are heartfelt, funny and inspiring. Because people need to read them and smile. Because I want to dammit.

"What I'm Thankful for"

I'm thankful for a healthy heart because I could love people and be kind to them. Some people in the hospital, their heart is black because they smoke. I'm thankful for a heart because my heart is clean and it beeps in between my ribs. My heart helps me breath, survive and love others. -b

I'm thankful for transportation because people in New York City don't need cars. If you don't have a car and you want to buy one, it will cost a lot of money. Also you could rent  a car, but that is wasting your money. You can go anywhere on a bus, the train or maybe you want to ride your bike. -d

I am thankful for my teachers because they teach us things that are going on in the world. We get better at spelling and wrighting. Sometimes we can write about our selves and also how we feel and share it with the class. I like that.  - s

I am thankful for my parents because my mom and dad go to work to get the money to pay the bills. My mom and dad give me food and wash my clothes that I need to wear for school. - b

I am thankful for parks because us kids have a place to play and have fun when there is nothing else to do. Parks are a place where you can hang out with friends and family. Parks are special because when it is hot you can go to a water park and get wet. - i

I am happy because in Guinea, they don't always have water. Some other towns don't have clean water. In Guinea, they get their water from wells. Sometimes when we have water, we will have a lot of bottles to put the water in. If someone does not drink water, thay will die. I am happy because in New Yourk City they have water. -b (moved to NYC from Guinea last year)

I am thankful for my hamsters. They always come to me when I say their names. They listen to me. I'm mostly thankful for my 6 birds because they help me with my homework. The smarter one died. -a

I am thankful for my friends because they show me compassion. Even when I get mad and don't like them, they are my friends. -t

I am also thankful for a home. I am thankful for a home because some people live outside. I do not want to live outside and people can call me a bum. I am lucky to have a come so i can wash, brush my teeth and have good personal hygiene and not stink. - a

I am thankful for food because without food, we would be skinny. -a

I am thankful for technology because I can text my mom or dad if I am going somewhere, like if I go to the park next to school. - j

I love my family because they provide me with food and shelter. Sometimes parents break up or get divorced. You still have people who love you and that is your family, friends and teachers. Sometimes families have arguments, but it is ok. It is just called tough love, but inside you know you love them. -e

I'm thankful that my kids make me think and challenge me. Now that I've taken a minute to think...

I'm thankful for an easy, loving relationship with my family. Clare recently reminded me that there are many families that love each other, but don't get along well. We do. I won't be with them for Thanksgiving, but I am counting the days until Anderson Family vacay in Arizona and thinking of them on Thursday. 

I'm thankful for Zach with whom I love living life. For a good job with a wonderful coteacher who makes me laugh and constantly helps me put things into perspective. For friends forever. For my people Upstairs. For a vivacious city. For a wide variety of food. For health. For a really good life. 


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