Monday, November 14, 2011

Breakneck Ridge

Zach and I have been meaning to go hiking at Breakneck Ridge since the spring, but weekend after weekend, something always came up. Or the rain came down. Until Veterans Day, which was probably our last chance this year. It is pretty silly that it took us until mid November to hop on a train and go romp around the woods just an hour outside the city. 

Flags on Veteran's Day

The main draw at Breakneck is the mile long rock scramble at the beginning of the hike. The area was quarried in the early 1900s, so there are huge boulders strewn all over the place. Some parts of the trail had to be approached like actual bouldering problems. Okay, I see a blaze here and up there. Now how do I get there? Can't wait to take Clare when she comes next summer. 

Just past the halfway point between Breakneck and Cold Spring on the hike.
brean n' blue cheese for lunch. om nom. 

We didn't hike the whole Breakneck Ridge trail, instead we cut and pasted a route together with another trail that took us back toward Cold Spring, where the Metro North dropped us off. The second half of the hike was much more of a walk in the woods, but a gorgeous one at that. Toward the end of our hike, we met up with some two other NYC day trippers (teachers as well) and enjoyed the last of the late afternoon daylight with them. We talked loudly, walking single file, smashing sticks, rustling leaves, and keeping one eye on the elusive yellow blazes. We found out that our two new friends were on the Appalachain Trail a few days before we were and had hiked with our AT buddies, Llama Legs and NoCello. Small freakin' world, man. 

So glad we finally went and can't wait to go back. Big thanks to Zach for making our jaunt happen. And for taking great pics and letting me steal them :)

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