Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My original first sentence for this post is as follows:
In New York, it is easy to go days, weeks even, without seeing anyone you like.

Though, I think that might be a little cliche.

So here is my second go at it:
I have ten million neighbors in my neighborhood. When when I bump into someone who I actually know, while just doing my neighborhood business, it makes my day.

We all have our neighborhood people. Mine include Mr. AM New York "how y'all doin this mornin!" who passes papers into the hoards of people transferring at the City Hall subway station...the school crossing gaurd who keeps the children safe while wearing headphones and texting (who may or may not lift her head to acknowledge anyone crossing) ... the crusty landlady who resents you taking yoga classes in her building and always yells  for crowding the hallway... your neighborhood bums, corner store man, inescapable clusters of high school kids.. I find it way to easy to pop in the ear buds, or just space out as I cross paths with people, but often without so much as batting a lash, or flashing a smile.

I started writing this post because I have started to run into more of my friends in the street and it makes my day when I do. Even if it is for a split second and neither party can stop and chat, just getting that wave or shout out from someone you know makes this big city seem like a neighborhood.

But as I write, it is also becoming obvious that I should just be friendlier to my neighbors. It's not like it is hard to smile.

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