Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alexander McQueen

I finally got to the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met this week :) I had tried to go once before, but had not allotted 2 additional hours in my excursion for standing in line, so I left. This time, I went early (which didn't help AT ALL), brought a bottle of water, and a book. Still waited in line for two hours, and at one point I felt very much like Rodin's sculpture: exasperated and on the brink of death. But, it was totally worth it.

Death by crowds and standing. 
 The exhibit showed a huge range of his work, from highly tailored menswear inspired pieces, to leather bondage body suits, gorgeous flowing gowns and of course, the totally bizarre (No one needs crocodile heads for shoulder pats, sorry).

This jacked, red jeans, chunky black biker boots and my closet.
We'll call it a date.

The Met people were pretty adamant about not taking pictures, so I snagged a few of my favorites from their website. Unfortunately, the workmanship, detail and color don't translate that well to pictures. My all time favorite was this chartreuse beaded, horsehair dress. The color and contrasting textures were unexpected and stunning. 

Another highlight: Gold feathers. Sexy silhouette. 
Really nothing more to say except,"Can I have that?"
and maybe and invite to a party where it would be appropriate. 

This parachute silk cape thing was not one of my favorites, but what was happening in front of it at the show was possibly my favorite moment of the day. A ten year old girl was settled in front of it with her sketch book, sketching away. I was immediately jealous. What a good idea. She was completely unfazed by the plastic surgery/alien faced Upper East Side hags shoving to the front of the crowd, or the gay boys bopping her with their man purses. She was totally entranced by the billowing cape. You go ahead, girlfriend. That kind of magic is really what it is all about.

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