Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slice o' Life

Running sucks. I especially hate running when it is hot and dirty out. 
However, I have found that if I run through interesting neighborhoods with my iPhone and keep my eyes peeled, it can be more like a photohunt adventure. The challenge then becomes snapping a picture while running in place. 

Star spangled ventricle!

Pretty palate coming down off the Williamsburg
Bridge aka Hipster Highway.


So they say.

So glad Parisians are tagging the bridge with nice things :)
Maybe I'll leave Paris a message next time I'm there. 

True dat.

I don't know... Is $150 a good deal for a
dirty, old fridge? 
Family of mannequins.

Does this include the rats?
When ran across this, I did a double take and had to stop and figure out what was going on. A new sport? Bikes + Polo + Street Hockey = Mystery sport. Check it out. Obviously, this was the end of my run. Well, the gelato I had after taking the video marked the official end of my run.  

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