Monday, July 18, 2011

Just when you least expect it.

The good news:
Zach is coming home today, stitched up and in relatively good spirits, though very eager to be home. I am so GRATEFUL & HAPPY to have him back :)

The rest of the news:
The plan for last weekend was to bike out to Greenport, Long Island for a few days of swimming at Orient Point, wine tasting and catching up with family. 80 miles into our ride, as we passed through the town of Riverhead, Zach was hit by an oncoming car making a left turn. He was flown to Stonybrook Hospital where they quickly determined that his insides and brain were ok, which was a HUGE relief. He has a broken foot and pretty significant soft tissue damage to his left arm, but is on the mend. Slowly, but surely.

As soon as he was hit, a retired policeman, a retired fireman, a lifeguard and a nurse appeared (they all happened to be passing through the area) and took over calling 911, directing traffic, talking to Zach and taking care of him until the EMT got there. A neighbor took care of our bikes while the retired fireman and his wife drove me to the hospital. The outpouring of help and generosity from strangers, friends and family alike has been unbelievable. This weekend was quite an unexpected and scary turn of events, but has gone as smoothly as possible thanks to everyone's support.

Wear your helmets friends. 
Wear your helmets. 

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