Friday, July 22, 2011

A heatwave is the WORST kind of wave

Let us start by acknowledging this:
Feels like 112?
Wrong. Feels like death. 
I picked up our CSA share yesterday and was delighted to see onions, tomatoes, garlic (!!!), napa cabbage and (the dreaded) kohlrabi.

Ungodly heat + I'm not cooking + fresh veggies = 
you should make some gazpacho

So I did. And it was phenomenal. I can't take full credit for the recipe, as I loosely followed one from epicurious. It would never occur to me to add an egg or breadcrumbs, so I suppose I should give credit where credit is due. Thank you epicurious! (And Melissa for turning me on to the awesome iPhone app. Get it if you don't have it.)

However, in my cold soup inspired excitement, I totally forgot about my diva-like stand against cooking.  I used the stove and went outside, two things that I had sworn off earlier this AM. The heat didn't even matter anymore because I had IDEAS! I whipped up a delightful little shrimp/snap pea/feta/lemon topping and picked up some ciabatta to mop it all up. The sweat was totally worth it.

If you are ever in the mood for gazpacho, try this recipe. It rules.

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