Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

I went out to brunch on Mother's Day sans my mother. I feel like thats a little like not having a Christmas Tree on Xmas (as an adult because you're a lazy schlub, not as a child, too much pity in that comparison). However, my mom was in Baltimore and I was not. I did go with my gal pals whom I've been bff with since freshman year at 'Cuse. We know one another's mothers, so there was much mom talk. Well, Evy is rowing, obviously. How is Maxine? And Jane? What is Maureen doing today? Turns out they were all either at the farmer's market, weeding or gardening in some way shape or form. We cheersed to them :)

pretty pots in Tribeca
Brunch was at Locanda Verde in Tribeca, which is like a foreign territory to me. I have spent the last year tasting the Lower East Side and exploring the seemingly endless Brooklyn restaurants. I almost forgot that the west side of Manhattan existed as an option for eating. Lunch tasted good, but the company was much better than the meal on the table. After catching up on life, we bopped over to Duane Park Patisserie for some desserts (an amazing eclair to be exact) and on to a St. Germaine cocktail to top off the afternoon. Perfection. Well, actually... perfection would have been if we could have made our party of four into a party of eight and had all of our moms there. 

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