Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Eats

Saturday 1pm: I can't even contain myself right now. I wish I could bottle the smell of my apartment and share it with the world. Zach and I just got back from the Farmer's Market, but before leaving, we put baby back ribs in the oven to braise in Prosecco and honey. I rubbed them down w/ paprika and some other delicious things last night, with the intention of eating them for dinner. Then realized that we wouldn't be eating until 9 and Zach hatched the genius idea of having ribs for lunch. Baller!

Blue Grass band at the Farmer's Market

The Union Square Farmer's Market is a place of inspiration. You can't really take a list because crops vary as the season progresses. We have our regular spots, but always wind up making something different depending on what looks good.

Go To Vendors at the Union Square Farmer's Market:
  • Cato Corner Farm for off the wall blue cheese
  • Flying Pigs for pork products (ribs, bratwurst)
  • Grazin' Angus for beef products and the most phenomenal, orange yolked eggs
  • Ronnybrook Dairy for yogurt
  • and veggies from wherever they look best

While I was in Colorado, I bought a super spicy Ethiopian spice blend called Berbere, but I have yet to use it. I don't really know how. While at the Farmer's Market, we went to the Flying Pigs stand (they are awesome at giving cooking recommendations- they are the people who recommended the braised ribs recipe) where they suggested cooking ground pork in the spice. I started picturing something like a sloppy joe. But fancy. A fancy joe.

After a lap around the Farmer's Market and a time out to strategize, we had a delicious food plan for the week.

Radishes for pineapple and radish slaw, to be served w/
Fancy Joe sammiches.

Dinners this week:
Monday- Gnocci w/ mushroom and spinach ragu
Tuesday- Blue Cheese, yummy bread and sauteed broccoli rabe 
(yes, the main ingredient here is cheese)
Wednesday- Beer (we have softball)
Thursday- Fancy Joe (spicy pork) Sandwiches w/ pineapple and radish slaw
Friday- too far away to think about

This week is going to be a pretty intense week at school, with our Quality Review and testing going on at the same time. However, it doesn't really matter what happens during the day because at 3:45, I'll be thinking about dinner :)

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  1. this is unreal. we're making those fish tacos as soon as i figure out where to buy arctic or nordic in fargo. hmm good question, alyse. way to go. yum yum yum