Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cold Brew

OMG the sun is out!

Officially time for iced coffee! 

I cold brewed a pound of java earlier this week. I thought I jumped the gun, and was not enjoying drinking iced coffee these past few brisk, rainy mornings. But now I'm very glad I did. MMmmm :) Do you know about cold brewing?

Cold brewing is frikkin amazing. It is a process of brewing coffee without using hot water, which eliminates the acidity and bitter grossness that is in hot coffee poured over ice. After reading an article in the Times magazine, I was sold. Even before having tried it. Twas a very persuasive article. Cold brewed iced coffee with soy milk (thats my jam) tastes like melted ice cream, but less sweet. One pound it lasts for bout 2 wks... well even longer now that Zach jumped off the coffee train (traitor).

1 lb coffee, ground
10 cups water
Almond, soy, or cow milk

Combine coffee and water, stir to all the parts get to know eachother
Let sit overnight
Strain through a fine seive
Strain through a coffee filter (I run it through the coffee machine without turning it on)

Now you have coffee concentrate.
You can add water to it for black iced coffee, or
a milk thing if you prefer.

1:3 ratio concentrate to other thing

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  1. dude, this looks like a really great idea. i'm sold. especially since, in my book, it's always officially iced coffee time. 24/7/365. so, thanks.