Monday, May 2, 2011

Hunt Cup

Private Attack won the 2011 Hunt Cup

Hunt Cup is a steeple chase race held in the Greenspring Valley in suburban Baltimore County every year. Growing up, I knew it as the day drinking event to which you wore your brightest Lilly Pulitzer dress and may or may not wind up seeing horses. Turns out, it is the oldest and most prestigious steeple chase race in the country. It is also super hard. Only 3 horses finished out of the 12 competing. All of the others fell or scratched before the race started. 

Zach and I went with our friends Liz and Paul to the race this past Saturday. It was a perfect day. Blue skies. Green grass. Warm sun. Crab cakes. Great people watching and an adrenaline filled race. Mom and Dad brought binoculars, which was a great call considering we were watching from a hillside a few fields away. The course is 4 miles long, has 22 jumps and takes about 10 minutes. During those ten minutes, you can feel the entire hillside glued to little specks in the distance, emitting tell tale "oohs" and "ahhs" when another horse doesn't make the jump or loses a rider. 

Hope you enjoy some pictures from the day. The horses were visible only through binoculars, so there aren't many in the pictures (except the one above that I lifted from another blog.) 

The welcoming committee at General Admission parking.
This is where the kids park. 

Tailgating in the Prius

Zach & Paul 
Our neighbors for the day.
They were fist pumping from the moment we got there.
To Chumbawamba. 

Thank you, Wegmans for our delicious spread.

Obviously, we were poppin' bottles of Andre.
That's just how we roll.


Crab cake sammich on fluffy buns w/ pesto. 

Oh hey there. 

Double dutch frisbee with new friends.


Next time, we should bring a vase of flowers to go on our full bar. 

Who needs a to go cup when you have a  pocket? 

En route to the race course. 

Pre race ponies prancing in the paddock. 

Liz, Mom and Me before the race

Spotted on the way out:
Parasol, big hat, ravens jersey.
That about sums up a day at the races.  

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