Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ice, Ice, Baby
Boy oh boy, the past two weeks have just been chock full of winter weather status updates and whining. More than usual, I think. I am a total culprit of the whining. My world is wet, cold, and gray. It doesn't help that there has been the chance of a snow day almost every week for the past month, so I've been trying to manage that spike in adrenaline/excitement and the inevitable disappointment when I check the Department of Ed website one last time before begrudgingly pouring the hot water into the coffee filter. 

It is harder to whip out the phone or camera when it is violently precipitating, but I've managed to snap a few pictures here and there. They paint a pretty funny (though not funny, haha) picture of NYC in the winter. I think they also explain why we wear black, why Spa Week and Restaurant Week were invented and their strategic midwinter timing. 

...and we shall call this still life Survival, abandoned.
Materials: steel, snow, booze, kryptonite, fire hose

Ice Age 4

6:20 am
Good morning to you too, machine guns at City Hall 

Good idea, just toss your bike tire. Not like you'll
be needing it any time soon.

Feeling down? Need a coffin? I know a guy in Gowanus...

Segue off of the coffin picture... I can't say that I've totally hated the weather. I find it's easier to get work done when it is nasty outside. The past few weeks have been super productive at work, my bed time has been delightfully early, and I have beef stew on the agenda for tomorrow. Somewhere in this mess, there is goodness to be found. Just not outside.

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