Monday, February 28, 2011

Midwinter break

Today was my first day back at school after a luxuriously lazy midwinter break. I usually go away during this time (Arizona or Rochester in past years), but attempted to save some dough by staying local. Not sure that happened, but I sure enjoyed myself. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Hit up the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and was totally consumed by the Van Cleef and Arpel exhibit. No cameras allowed (and I actually obliged... didn't want to risk the confrontation). Great combination of stunning pieces of jewelry, interesting videos about the history of the Van Cleef and Arpel families in 1920s NYC and the process of setting stones, and creative, thoughtful layout and design of the exhibit. I was high on adrenaline, diamonds and lust all day. 
  • Made fake flower arrangements from the fake flower store in Korea town. Overwhelming, hilarious and great for brewing ideas.
Welcome to Koreatown
  • Attended the matinee showing of Somewhere by myself at the Angelica Film Center (there are way more people flying solo at the indie theater than your regular theater... New Yorkers in leather jackets, cat ladies with hair that dangles over the back of the seat). The movie was not amazing, but I loved Elle Fanning. 
  • Watched loads of TV from my bed. XOXO Modern Family and Mad Men. 
  • Took my new bike out for a spin. It is so light and fast, I can't wait till my clip less pedals arrive! I also love zipping around town, crouched over my spiffy handle bars w/ my spandex clad derriere up in the air ;) Makes me feel like some sort of superhero/lady gaga on wheels.  
  • Painted a pot for our apartment farm. Zach is the head of this operation. I'm just making sure the color scheme works.
Can you spot the fake one? Humor me and say no.
Habanero peppers, Cherry tomatos, yellow peppers and basil
  • To wrap up a great week, we spent the weekend w/ Liz and Paul! Liz commented on a previous post that she wanted to go to wd-50 when we went, so we made that happen on Friday night and it was a wild tastebud extravaganza. We speed dated w/ everyone's plates at the table. Take a bite, get to know you, rotate clockwise. Repeat. They stayed for the 'Cuse game on Saturday and of course some Chinatown dumplings to top off the 24 hour spree of consuming delicious food and libations.
Wafer cracker things at wd-5O

I also spent quite a bit of quality time with Harriet.
Though, I guess when I start dressing up the cat, it is time to go back to work. 

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