Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweethearts don't even taste good

gag me.

It is now 10 days past Valentine's day and Rite Aid has finally trashed their Russell Stover overstock. That's a good thing. I don't like Valentine's day. It makes me feel weird. Here, be romantic. Now. Like something red-plastic-lacy-frilled-chocolate-covered-store-bought "special romance" should be happening. Just because it's Valentine's Day.

This V-day, I was sick with a flu-like plague and Zach was too. It was the perfect excuse not to participate. I was totally relieved when we moved our dinner reservation to the following Saturday and decided to drink OJ and watch the 'Cuse game on the computer. Delightfully lame and so appropriate for two sickies.

I like special things. I just don't like doing them when everyone else is doing them. It makes them less special. I like bike rides and picnics. I like Whole Foods dates w/ the an exciting recipe in hand. Or getting gussied up and going out for cocktails at a new spot. Or even better, when we scope out a new restaurant and finally get to try it, which is exactly what we did on Saturday at Falai.

We sprung for the tasting menu and wine pairings. The dining experience was incredible. It felt as if the chef and staff were showing off (and isn't that how it should always feel?) Starting with an amuse bouche and a sampling of a potential menu item (pici pasta w/ mushrooms and truffle oil) we moved through a foamy marscapone, decadent ricotta flan, my first sweetbreads experiment (I got over the whole brains thing. We eat legs and butts, why not brains?), and absolutely perfect pork w/ pears, savoring bites and swapping swigs of vino with each passing course. The wine pairings were specific to the dishes in front of us- Zach's glasses tended to be white (his dishes were lighter, seafood, cheeses) and mine red. I somehow managed 3 different types of meat in one evening (sweetbreads- from what? no idea, kittens maybe... boar and pork) Om nom. cavewoman. more barbera d'alba please! Before dessert we had a palate cleanser course of a mini macaroon, mint ice cream and candied ginger. Delicious, refreshing, and ready for profiteroles!

Profiteroles w/ cardamom & orange rind. MmmMMm
We had an evening that was exciting, experimental, and special. There were no sugary sweet romantic pretenses; it just happened. We also made a deal not to celebrate Vday on Vday, but to have a baller date in February. Stupid? Maybe, but that's the way, uh huh, uh huh I like it

P.S. Thanks Pat & Lydia :)

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