Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today has been super productive and chock full of activities. Oh, how I love activities!

Does going to Whole Foods count as an activity? If so, thats one... Zach and I also went to our first fashion show, played dress up at Moscot, brewed beer (him), made cookies (me), and I finished up some jewelry projects that I've been working on.

Susanna Rae Fall/Winter 2011 Collection
Zach's friend's girlfriend is Susanne Rae, a designer from Brooklyn, so we had the pleasure of going to her Fall/Winter 2011 show at Lincoln Center. Woweee! Fancy fancy. Great people watching, photogs, a live band, anorexic models, and gorgeous clothes. Why are fashion shows not a regular part of my life? The theme was kind of victorian gone grunge and the gowns w/ open and racer backs and heavy on the trim were really what got me. I may have fallen in love with one white gown in particular.

Plunging V back and lots of fringe.
Let's just call it mine. 
Fashion shows are definitely something I need to do more of. How is it that I'm 26 and just getting to my first one, while this precious little munchkin is already in glittery sneaks and filming the show on an iPhone? P.S. I took the pic when her mom wasn't looking. Like a creep. 

This kid is going to do big things in life. 
Tonight we got busy with some role playing. As brewmaster and jeweler ;) I'd like to say I helped, but it was mostly Zach working on a batch of IPA, while I finished up a long overdue ring and tie pin. 

IPA grains

Brewmaster Zach

The grey and white one is the one I just finished.

I used Silver Black to oxidize the ring before setting the stone.
Brings a little funky-punky edge to it. 

Tie pin


Happy Valentine's Day!
(doodled in silver shavings)

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