Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the Season

Xmas in New York. Delightful and full of love. Tingly and buzzing. Highly annoying in some areas and at the wrong time (Union Square Holiday Market, I'm looking at you). Here are some spirited little snip its that I've run into in the past few weeks:

Lookin' sexy in your holiday lights, LES. Proud to call you home.

My classroom door. Thank you, child labor, for the snow flakes.
We are going to need about 1,000 more to get the full effect.

Doughnut Ornaments at Doughnut Plant. They look more like
Dunkin Donuts than the real deal in the case below.

Our Festivus Pole

Santas on Delancey during Santicon. 

I was so annoyed that I had to go to Herald Square today, December 19th.  I was dreading the tourists and the shopping bags. But then I got to the park in front of Macy's and couldn't deny how pretty it is when done up in bows and lights.

A beautiful light installation at Madison Square Park.
It was calling me to go run through it.

I wish I had a backyard with all of  these hanging lights in it.
They feel special :)
Aaaaannd, drum roll please. Best for last. Today there was a fantastic, Gatsby-esque band playing at the 2nd Ave. F/M subway station. I heard it as the doors opened, hopped off my train, watched for a few minutes and got on the next one that came by.

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