Sunday, December 12, 2010

Astor Center

Top 5 reasons why I love Astor Center, my favorite neighborhood wine and liquor store. (I may have extended what I consider my neighborhood to be to include Astor)

1. They have excellent customer service. It rivals that of Wegmans and Nordstrom. Every employee knows their wine and where it is in the store. They also know when to as someone else. 
2. They have a ide variety of inexpensive wines
3. The wall of boxed wine. From Franzia to Black Box and beyond.
4. They use real glassware for their wine tastings
5. Their wine tastings are generous.

As if I need another reason, they deliver! I opened my door at 8:45 on Saturday morning to a delivery guy with two boxes from the liquor store. Merry Early Christmas to us! Zach got 10 wines under 10 bucks. Genius. 

This is how you prepare for Y2K

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