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Don't just leave. Do you know how hard it is to get back into teaching? -teacher friend upon hearing news of our planned travels. Ugh. (See anxious face from chart above)

I'm pumped for our trip, but there are times here and there that I question what we are doing. Usually when someone does this:

risk = bad, don't do it. 

I know there is a chance that I won't come back and be able to find a teaching position. But, there is also a chance that I won't want to. Or that I will find one better than the one I have now. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. This trip is the first significant change I've had since moving to New York. I've been teaching for five years and most other changes (grad school, moves, additional jobs) were those made for the sake of security. It is scary to do something that is for the sake of anything else. For adventure. For discovering. For learning. (See happy face from above chart)

The feeling called HOLY SHIT THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING (not listed on any feelings chart I've seen) has two faces- the kind of nervous face and the jump for joy face. What helps ease the nerves is a good solid evening of planning. And looking at pictures on the internet. Zach and I have been talking about the trip for going on a year and over the last year, people have forwarded many tid bits, emails, contacts and websites about traveling and New Zealand. Last weekend, we finally took some time to sort through some of the information and started getting a handle on the to do list. (See confident face from above chart)

(c) Ignjat Reljic Djuric
Pretty awesome illustration!
We plotted some farms on a map to get a general sense of where we are going once we arrive. Upon arriving in  Auckland, we plan to buy a camper van from an auction or backpacker on their way out, and head north to an Avocado farm. A camper van would provide us with a home base, freedom to travel wherever we want, and a place to sleep. The blog, Backpacking Matt, has been an awesome resource for what to do to make our trip happen. H actually has a post called How to Buy a Camper Van in New Zealand. Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for, thank you Matt. (Hey ma, he gives insurance recs, too!) I checked one message board to get a sense of these camper vans and stumbled across this post, the excitement for which took the place of any qualms that had bubbled to the surface.

After 8 months of travelling it's now time to sell our beloved toyota deliboy. this economic and reliable van brought us to all the magnificent places of the north & south island. he's probably the only one in new zealand! this is your chance to buy a unique car!

the facts:
-1989 toyota deliboy
-only 231000 km (!)
- wof till 15.8.2012
- reg. till 22.5.2012
- economic on petrol: 10l/100km
- manual transmission
- engine in good condition
- new battery, exhaust and tyres
- comes with vtnz roadside assistance (!!!)

fully equipped
- comfy as a bed for two, duvet, sheets, pillows
- carpet on the walls, no humidity anymore
- 2 chairs, table
- chilly bin with 3 cool elements
- 2 60l storage boxes + a few smaller ones
- mugs, pots, pans, plates & cutlery
- 3 kg gas cylinder (lasts 3-4 months) and 2 small gas stoves as well
- roadmaps & campsite brochures
- pioneer car stereo & ipod/mp3 transmitter
- tools

looking for a job? we can offer that as well. work for a carnival and sleep in your new van! $4000 or nearest offer 

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