Sunday, March 11, 2012


April is poetry month, but we are getting a head start on figurative language. I taught alliteration last week, which some kids got right away:

Kid 1: The kitten karate kicked the Kool Aid man in the kitchen.
Kid 2: Monsters make meatloaf on Mondays.
Kid 3: My sister was surprised since she never saw a singing shark. 
Kid 4: I threw a pizza in my brother's face.

Like I said, some kids struggled. 

Here is one of my favorite examples. By a favorite student. Teachers have favorites. Just in case you were wondering. 
A stranger stepped on a sandwich. Someone slurped it up. 


  1. This is amazing. Haha! Made me (and all my roommates) laugh so hard! Miss you stina!

  2. HEY ERICA!! Thanks! 10 year olds are the best and they don't even know it. Miss you too!

  3. "Like I said, some kids struggled", I just laughed out loud! haha