Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Head and The Heart

Hit Play. Then read. It'll be like a little soundtrack. 

Zach and I went to see The Head and The Heart at Terminal 5 last week. Twas a Sunday evening show and had us out till after midnight, and was worth every minute of it. They put on a great show and have an infectious energy and gratefulness about them.  It felt as if we were at a gigantic backyard show at a friend's house who we haven't seen in awhile. And as if the hosts were genuinely happy that everyone came over to their house. The paper lanterns and trees on their set may have helped create that vibe. Or when they had both of their opening bands join them onstage for an everybody all together now rendition of Lost in My Mind. 

Terminal 5


They also played a few new songs, which I am really excited to listen to again. From what I remember, less folky, but similar sound. Until next time, guys! Thanks for swinging by!

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