Monday, April 18, 2011

Romping in the rain

Pals at the Highline

Maureen came to visit this weekend from Baltimore! Maureen and I met while I was on Time Out from college. We both did time as snack bar employees at Baltimore Country Club. We immediately bonded over an affinity for small pleasures, oddball observations and feel good, guitar centric music. 

A few weeks ago, I stopped for a piece of pistachio cake from Brooklyn Larder while on my way to Brooklyn Boulders to climb. Pistachios always remind me of Mo because she used to keep them in her pockets for anytime snacking. So I sent her a picture of my snack and she decided to come to NYC for a slice of cake. It was great to have her vibe around this weekend while we romped throughout Brooklyn and the East Village.

We started our day by hitting up the Highline, an elevated park built on an old rail line in Chelsea, and had a lovely stroll through nature.  The Highline is beautifully designed and has tons of really thoughtful features, like how the chaises are built on rollers that slide along the old rails, and the benches seem to lift up from the ground. Very neat. I wish it were sunny and beautiful, but I think we noticed more about the park since the sun was not around to steal the spotlight. 

The sun wasn't out, but the chartreuse chair sure shone :)
Despite the cold drizzle, we moseyed on to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green to peruse some jewelry and nibble on delicious food. Edible highlights: Cheezy corn, spicy hot chocolate, fish tacos.  We didn't last too long here, as we started to lose feeling in our fingertips. 

Cheezy corn at the BK Flea

Amazing breadsticks. Perfect packaging as well. 
After the Flea, we struck out in search of the pistachio cake. Following our phones through new neighborhoods (new to me) in Bk, we were ecstatic to finally round the corner and see our destination, Brooklyn Larder. Bk Larder kept popping up in things I've been reading about food, people who love to eat, and establishments who purchase from local farms. It has been on my list of places to explore, and by explore I mean, eat their food. We rewarded ourselves with a menage a trois of soul satisfying desserts, followed by a mid afternoon bottle of wine at Franny's.

Best lemon bar ever (upside down) at Brooklyn Larder.
The infamous pistachio cake is on the left.
I don't even know what the top left was. Shortbread/fudgy heaven square.

Mid afternoon bottle of vino at Franny's. Well timed. 


The weather was totally nasty and we were soaked to the bone when we finally got home, but I was proud of us for sticking to our agenda. We had a great time. Later, Melissa came over to make pizza and drink some vino, which turned into the perfect rainy night w/ friends and food. Thanks pals for a great wknd :)

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