Friday, September 17, 2010

Adios, Summer!

Last night marked the end of the summer softball season. Shed a tear. Our softball team was originally comprised of members of Zach's office, but featured guest appearances from everyone's friends (what up Melissa, Kopes and Dovman!). We played in McCarren Park in Williamsburg, BK and hit up the Turkey's Nest for huge $4 beers in styrofoam cups before and after the games.

From the field you had a view of the trees in the park and the Manhattan skyline, which really sent the message that you are no longer in Manhattan. I often lost track of the score while spacing out in the outfield. Good thing right field doesn't get a whole lot of action. Except of course, when the team playing on the field behind us is hitting bombs. Then I paid attention (so I didn't get a baseball to the back of the head).

Softball was fabulous. There was lots of laughing. Zach and his two friends, Zach and Ian, created the league, NoPro Sports, out of their unsatisfying experience with Zog Sports. They created an awesome, laid back and friendly league of strangers. I made new friends and thanks to softball, had an excuse to befriend Williamsburg, my favorite new friend of all.

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