Monday, April 30, 2012

Most of April has been spent in Baltimore. I spent a week at home during my spring break, and took a quick weekend trip to attend the Grand National steeplechase race with Liz, Paul, Melissa and Zach, and hit up Ocean City for the half marathon. For as strong as my love is for NYC, I might love leaving and coming back even more. Especially when the world is in bloom.

Ma n' Pa's front patio. Why not move take spring break here?
While at home, I picnicked in a field, met up with old friends, laid in sunny spots with my dad, swam in the pool at mom's fabulous gym and went to Wegman's as frequently as possible. I made dinner with meats from local farms, ran in the woods, and listened to 89.7, Towson University's public radio station. It took a week to get my fill.

On a dock with dad. Some species are best in their natural habitats.  
I spent some time downtown watching boats chug in and out of the harbor and hit up the American Visionary Arts Museum, which I am SO PROUD to call part of home. By far the most fun museum I have ever been to. Art by people who like to laugh. They said "no pictures," which I kind of respected. Except for the bra ball. Had to sneak a picture of that.

Think giant ball of twine. Except with brassiers. 

AVAM was named one of the most "blinged out buildings" in the world
by some source that I can't remember. 

Posted in the bathroom at AVAM. Make it big and read :)

That boat is light pink and hunter green and has a thin gold pinstripe in between.
I used to daydream about owning it while rowing past it in high school.
Twas so perfect to see it alive and well. 

Final product not pictured. Not sure how to make meatloaf look appetizing,
but it was ridiculously good. You know you're working with special
meat when it it is hand wrapped packages, stamped with the farmer's name.

We ate their friend.
After most of the steeple chase races, there are pony races. Check out the clip below. Obviously, the little man last place is the crowd favorite.

While I have spent FAR too many hours on the Bolt, Mega and Chinatown busses this month, I've also been able to spend rich, quality time in Maryland, which I haven't done in quite awhile. Totally worth the I-95 traffic.

Melissa, Liz, me and Katherine at the Grand National Steeplechase Race. 

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