Monday, January 30, 2012

Emptying the Phone Vault

I present to you an assortment of iPhone pics that have I have accumulated over the past few months. That's funny. snap. That's cute. snap. I want to eat that. snap.

Netflix snafu. Check out the categories.

After studying John Muir, my class transformed our door and hallway
into a forest. 

New beer place, Top Hops, went in on Orchard Street. They fill
growlers, do flights, sell bottles, take requests and have awesome
pretzels for your snacking pleasure. 

This was my "holiday gift" from the United Federation of Teachers.
The bottle opener says "I Cope" on it.
I will treasure it forever.

Sunday morning bagels and book reading
at Atlas is my idea of perfection.

Googlie eyes are always a good idea

Posted in the hallway outside the yoga studio.
Peace, love and neighbors all up in your personal space. 

Ham nubbins are amazing.
Five bucks for a bag and they transformed
leek and potato soup into a meaty, fragrant ambrosia. 

Nobody calls either one of those items
by those names, grandpa

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