Monday, June 20, 2011

The here and now

23 of my kids being promoted to 5th grade.
10-15 the number of crabs I ate this past wknd (I lost count, which is always a sign of a good time).
11 days until Vermont vacay & my cousin Syd's wedding!
10 (on a scale of 1-10). How excited I am to see Bad Teacher w/ my coworkers :)
5 more school days until the end of the year!
4 more IEPs to write (fml).
3 things you can't do in the courtyard of my building: slackline, fry a turkey, have a party. Seems like a waste of space to me. (Note: I found out through phone calls, not personal experience. Don't worry, I haven't making a nuisance of myself. Yet.)
3 letters/care packages going out this week
2 days until Clare comes!
2 trips to the beach this past weekend (Rockaway Beach & Coney Island)
1 kid who didn't pass his state tests (however, this is the kid who did go to Puerto Rico for the month of March)

1 new pair of shoes in 2011. I held out for 6 months, twas about time for some retail therapy.
0 the amount of food in my fridge.

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