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Tuesday was my last day of school. Wednesday I went to the beach. Today I scrubbed my apt (Mom and Dad are due in any minute). And tomorrow I head to Vermont for an out of NYC dose of nature and extended family. (Insert big cheer here) I can already say it was my best year yet, but I'll wait until I get some distance from the year to reflect on it. Translation: too pumped to be done to think about school :D

I had the beach to myself at Breezy Point

Clare was here this past weekend. She flew in from Denver to kick off her whirlwind east coast tour and stayed with me for a few days. She worked at the Unified Bouldering Champoinships in Central Park, which I went to go watch with Zach, Dovman and Kopes on Saturday. I'd never been to a climbing competition before and the energy there was awesome! Dance party music, cool outdoorsy people and an intense spirit of competition pulsing through the air. 

Each climber has five minutes to finish the problem, many of which are characterized by tiny hand holds or overhangs, or some rediculous, gravity defying feature. If they fall off, which many of them did, they have to shake it off, get past the dramatic gasp of the crowd and try again because the time is ticking. Except that as a spectator, you don't realize how pumped full of lactic acid their arms are. Or how intense the angle of the wall is.

On Sunday, we hit up the New Amsterdam Farmer's Market, located under the FDR, just north of the South Street Seaport. We got there around 10:30, but they were still setting up. What kind of Farmer's Market is still setting up at 10:30 you ask? A super laid back one. All of the bakers and produce vendors were raring to go, but it was the vineyards and the Brooklyn based, hipster run prepared foods places that were taking their sweet time setting up. While we were perusing, we had a sample of orange rind + cardamom pate w/ whole grain mustard that was frikin' amazing! It was bright and colorful and meaty all at once, and that is coming from someone who doesn't usually care one way or another about pate. Since the Farmer's Market didn't officially open until 11, and we had a brunch reservation to make, we didn't stay to see it in full swing. Definitely still on the to do list.

New Amsterdam Farmer's Market getting set up.

Love when life cheers you on!

Work it, girl!

Adorable decor at the Fat Radish
7 grain toast w/ avocado & spicy eggs. MmMmm
Would I pay for it again? No.
Will I make it all the time chez moi? Yes.

Sister photo op!

Summer is off to a good start! I'll be out of town till the middle of July (celebrating the 4th, celebrating my cousin Sydney's wedding, and hiking the Appalachian Trail for a week) but will have lots to share when I get back. 

P.S. Don't try to rob me while I'm gone, my cat and her sitter will eff you up. 

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