Monday, January 17, 2011


My kitchen in the Bronx was the bomb. I may have lived in the 'hood, but my kitchen was more than I could've asked for. I got very comfortable channeling Rachel Ray, with my friends gathered around the island, some chopping apples for apple crisp (thanks Melis!), some chatting (and not chopping... Ian), slugging sipping vino and making dinner. 

Kitchen @ Bronx Bricks. <3

I have since moved and absolutely love my apartment. I'm sure you can tell from previous posts that I love my neighborhood as well. My kitchen however, isn't what it was. As far as NYC kitchens come, it is spacious, but it is not open and I can't do the Rachel Ray thing around the island.

SOOOO, we are going to re do it. The plan is to knock down part of the wall that separates the kitchen and the hallway and put in an island. EXCITING!

The space from the stove to the doorway will be replaced
by the island. 

I'm in the very beginning stages of scoping out contractors (talk about unknown territory) and putting together ideas. I've run into so many horrific, gaudy styles on both the traditional and super modern ends of the spectrum that it has been easier to determine what I don't want.

In terms of what I do want, my thoughts so far include:

1. A Butcher block/wood top island
2. White tile backsplash/wall
3. Hanging glass pendant lights w/ filament bulbs over the island
4. (In my dreams) A Big Chill Fridge

Love the Big Chill Retro Refrigerator and white tile wall 

Inside Schiller's Liquor Bar. Like the floors. 

Way too modern, but I love those lights

For over the island :)

Another great white tile wall, tx Design Sponge
Zach described it as minimalist modern country kitchen. I think that fits. 

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