Thursday, January 27, 2011


I went back to Syracuse for the 'Cuse v. Nova basketball game last weekend. The game was not blogworthy. It was fun, but we lost, which sucked. However, the adrenaline of the whole weekend was well worth the trip. I don't think that feeling of anticipation as you drive up 81, past Homer and Preble and the crazy ranting Indian Nation billboard, coming round the bend to see the tip of the Dome and the lights on Lawrinson (my freshman year dorm where I made so many of my friends) will ever fade. It is awesome and the sort of thing that could never be captured in a picture. 

Sheraton + Friends + Four Lokos = Doesn't matter
whether you win or lose, it's that we went to the game.

Real Good Times

Oh hello Hall of Languages. Looking as gray as I remember you :)


Alto Cinco = One of my top 3 restaurants ever. Note the
dready dude in the background. Chef's secret is under that hat.

Glass of Pinot and a shrimp burrito.

'Nuff said.
See you next year 'Cuse.

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