Sunday, February 26, 2012


I just joined Pinterest. If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a website that is based on the idea of a push pin board, where you can post pictures of things and look at other people's boards. It is a great space to share ideas with like minded people. I like it especially for DIY projects, interior design inspiration and recipes. The best is seeing something and then actually bringing it to life.

While I was sick, I saw this awesome library:

And while I don't have sexy built in, dark wood shelves, I do now have my own color coded bookshelf:

My friends Ariel and Ben made a phenomenal dinner last night and topped it off with dessert that Ariel found on Pinterest. A chocolate chip cookie impregnated with an Oreo!  It was SO good. The Oreo got soft and puffy and became one with the chocolate chip cookie.

Pinterest version

Ariel's version!

Good company + good food + laughing = the best

I also saw this while perusing the travel section. Bridge of the Immortals in China. Might have to go check it out ;)

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