Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Field Trips

I just went on a Field Trip booking Frenzy. Here is whats on our schedule this spring:

March- Sony Wonder Technology Lab
April- NY Botanical Garden, NY Hall of Science
May- California Pizza Kitchen for How To Pizza Lessons, Wave Hill
June- Yankee Stadium, MOMA, Central Park, Possibly the Frying Pan for an end of year party

Field trips rule because many of my kids don't get to see their city. They know their neighborhood and they know New York City rules because I mean really, there are t-shirts that say "New York Fuckin City." How can you not have heard? But they can't tell you the really awesome things to see and do. I like to give them some things that they'll remember for awhile. I mean, in addition to being able to multiply multidigit numbers (ohh yeah)

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